Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Alife :D

I haven been posting for long time,so much to tell.Im now in UTM,Im joining fellowship in Skudai Chinese Methodist Church,I have a really nice roommate,I have friendly and helpful coursemates,Im eating Malay foods almost everyday,Im still that active in sports.and so much more :)

Oh ya,I just came back from QQ Camp!! The camp i just joined after not joining any in 2 years,benefited a lot from this ca
mp,thank Rev. Phillip Siew and Rev. Wan for their sharing..Wonderful memories,beautiful sunset by the beach,coorperative group members and everything about QQ is...COOL!

Things are changing all the times as i came here,my emotions,my feelings,persons i met with,difficulties that i have to overcome,i guess that's part of uni life,but i believe in HIM,HE's blessed me so abundantly,HE'll lead me through the way,and I believe that's why I knew someone called-Nelly :) PTL that she's really someone that understands me,ever since i lost Charissa,Im always hoping for someone like her,and now God's prepared one for me.PTL!

This is she-Nelly :)

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