Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Alife :D

I haven been posting for long time,so much to tell.Im now in UTM,Im joining fellowship in Skudai Chinese Methodist Church,I have a really nice roommate,I have friendly and helpful coursemates,Im eating Malay foods almost everyday,Im still that active in sports.and so much more :)

Oh ya,I just came back from QQ Camp!! The camp i just joined after not joining any in 2 years,benefited a lot from this ca
mp,thank Rev. Phillip Siew and Rev. Wan for their sharing..Wonderful memories,beautiful sunset by the beach,coorperative group members and everything about QQ is...COOL!

Things are changing all the times as i came here,my emotions,my feelings,persons i met with,difficulties that i have to overcome,i guess that's part of uni life,but i believe in HIM,HE's blessed me so abundantly,HE'll lead me through the way,and I believe that's why I knew someone called-Nelly :) PTL that she's really someone that understands me,ever since i lost Charissa,Im always hoping for someone like her,and now God's prepared one for me.PTL!

This is she-Nelly :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Wow...I barely remember when was the last time i posted a blog post..LOL..

But who cares?STPM is in few more days...i keep on telling myself that this is not the time to panic,everything'll be fine...

Last Saturday,M.Y.F asked Mr.Chan to give a talk on "How to Prepare for Your Exam" which i know it's kinda late..But anyways,that talk did help us in someway..

Here are some points that were given..let's check out how many ticks i got..

1.Pray (I've been praying since the day i entered form six,so it's a tick.)

2.Lose the excuses (Well,i accomplished this to certain extent...LOL..i guess it's a "NO" for this)

3.Plan ahead (I did plan a timetable,but din follow it,"NO" for this too...)

4.Study group (Certainly YES!It works well and fine for a few weeks until my trial exam)

5.Eat well (Yeap,i eat well everyday!!)

6.Get your rest (HHmmmm..I think i rest enough..haha!!)

7.Practice for your exam (I've done some past years YES for this column)

8.Have some fun (YES YES YES!!! Obviously im having not some fun,but lots of!)

So,I got 6 out of 8...hehe..I just hope I dont forget what i've studied during exam...about other factors,I can just surrender all of them to GOD..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post-Exam Syndrome

The Mid-Year Examination finally came to an end yesterday,we all thought we were supposed to be happy,relaxed because of the burdens being lifted,but guess what???We all ended up sitting in our classroom today,discussing how awkward we passed our night at home...

This is what people call post-exam syndrome i suppose...although it's just a mid-year test (we're gonna have our major exam end of this year) ,ending of this is killing us...all of us...we had been busy during the exam period,stay up till 3 in the morning and owing lots and lots of sleep debts...trying to cover all the topics that were coming out in the paper...just after everything ended...we were so happy at that moment,but only at that moment...

I started to think back on an article i read in The Star Newspaper long times ago...It's was an interview with those Amazing Race participants (if im not mistaken...)...They said :"After the race,they felt like completely detached from the world..."They woke up early and travelled for whole day long during racing time...but things are different now...they cannot suit themselves back in their mundane daily routine...

What we face today are preety common with what they went through...before exam,we wanted to have our holidays so much....but when the time comes,we dont feel like having it,at least i dont want that so much...I was really thinking to study during holidays,but i dont know if i'll do that or not...

Things can be better if the internet connection is good,at least i can still chat with friends when im bored...but i really dont know what happens to my msn,i feel so frustrated trying to sign in my msn...and...I barely survived through the first day without texting her...she was busy because today's her mom's birthday,and her phone credit is running low...sometimes i dont really like texting..Instead,i prefer a phone call..that's what im gonna do tonight,call her up and then just talk to her for a while...May GOD bless her always...